Friday, September 27, 2019

Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 18

Annotated Bibliography Example On the other hand, Carriveau is also based at the University of Windsor but in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. This research paper highlights the engineering issues associated with the turbine blades that come as a result of exposure to different conditions, namely, the Nordic, warm-humid, and desert-like environments. These conditions have been found to affect the surface of blades negatively. In addition, there is the threat by insects, which destroy the blades thereby power generation by the windmills (aerodynamic efficiency) is substantially reduced. It is apparent from the literature review by the authors that the current strategies that have been used to combat the inefficiency of the blades have caused a substantial reduction in income. Through their studies, the authors conclude that the perfect intervention would be a single surface engineered coat that would ensure that the destruction of the blades is minimized. The suggested coating is that of silicon-epoxy-based resins. This research paper was published on the Surface & Coatings Technology journal in 2008 depicting the resistance to corrosion by electroless nickel phosphorous (ENP) coatings on glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP), the most common material that is used in the construction of turbine blade, this follows the destruction of the blades by harsh weather conditions as well as other destructive substances. Through the research, the role of ENP coatings was elucidated. The research is focused on improving the efficiency of tapping wind energy. To develop a strategy of enhancing the efficiency and durability of the turbine blades, a uniform ENP coating was placed on each of the GFRP substrate through electroless plating. The amount of phosphorous in the ENP was inversely proportional to micro-porosity and directly proportional to thickness of the ENP coatings. It was therefore established that high content

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